Rock Solid Buzz Bars

All the adjustable buzz bars feature the new CAPTIVE thumbscrew that cannot be removed from the stick, the thumsbcrews can be locked up nice andf tight but for that extra security you can also use the new Torque Tool to nip them up that but tighter.

Three rod adjustable buzzer bars 10” & 11” closed Weight: 995gm

£79.99 a pair.

Three rod fixed buzzer bars 12” back & 14” front Weight: 679gm

£39.99 a pair.

Two rod adjustable buzzer bars 5 1/4” & 5 3/4” closed Weight: 757gm

£67.99 a pair.

Two rod fixed buzzer bars 6 1/2” back & 7 1/2” front Weight: 490gm

£32.50 a pair.

Rock Solid Buzz Bars