Blackout Banksticks

A lightweight but very strong and durable Black Aluminium range, made from a chunky 16mm tube to give the ultimate in stability.

All the sticks and adjustable bars feature a Captive thumbscrew and stainless point along with carbon inners.

4.5” Banksticks - weight 65gms

£20.99 each.

6” Banksticks- weight 77gms

£21.99 each.

9” Banksticks- weight 97gms

£22.99 each.

12” Banksticks- weight 117gms

£23.99 each.

16” Banksticks- weight 145gms

£24.99 each.


Bankstick Stabiliser- weight 44gms

£14.99 each.

Blackout Banksticks