Rock Solid Banksticks

The Rock Solid range is chunkier than your usual stainless, it is made from 16mm diameter tube and 20mm diameter solid. It is pukka quality and will last for ever! The bank stick threads on the snag bars are offset by 1 inch so that when your indicators drop down they do not smack into your sticks. The bank sticks feature a stepped point to make it easier to get in to hard ground and all feature the new CAPTIVE thumbscrew that cannot be removed from the stick, the thumsbcrews can be locked up nice andf tight but for that extra security you can also use the new Torque Tool to nip them up that but tighter.

The Rock Solid Stainless sticks are available in the following sizes:

41/2” Banksticks - Weight: 172gm

£19.99 each.

6” Banksticks - Weight: 208gm

£20.99 each.

9” Banksticks - Weight: 276gm

£22.99 each.

12” Banksticks - Weight: 342gm

£23.99 each.

16” Banksticks - Weight: 435gm

£24.99 each.

20” Banksticks - Weight: 525gm

£25.99 each.

Bankstick Stabiliser - Weight: 141gm

£14.99 each.

Rock Solid Banksticks