Headlite Hangers

These new bodies have 20 holes carefully machined around the outside of the body, they have been positioned so that regardlessof where the user is sitting you always have a line of sight to theinternal fitting isotope, there are no “blind spots”. The other benefitof the holes is that both the Black and White vesrions of the bodyweigh only 3gm, this gives a total weight of the clip, body and chain of only 8gm, incredibly light for an indicator of this performance.

Each Headlite Black or White Hanger comes with an Aero-Clip, Black hanger Chain and an Aero-Bracket.

Each Stainless Headlite hanger comes with a stainless Angled Bracket, stainless chain, stainless body and stainless ball clip.

The New Headlite bodies are also available seperately and as usual are compatible with all other indicator components.

Black or White Headlite Hangers £11.99 each

Stainless Headlite Hangers £19.99 each

Headlite Hangers